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Make Astrology a part of your daily life...

(without feeling like it’s yet another thing you have to do)

Introducing our brand new Inner Circle Membership Tier dedicated to helping you align your life with the cosmic rhythm in light, easy, practical ways…


A Message From Amanda:

Dear Astrology Lover,

We’re living in a time where we have access to more information than any humans who have come before us…

Getting answers almost quicker than we can even dream up the question. 

And this pace has at times caused me to collapse at the end of the day wondering… what just happened!? 

But instead of all of this information and progress leaving us feeling more connected, inspired and fulfilled…

Most people feel isolated, numb and overwhelmed… But it doesn’t have to be this way! 

The key is to find your anchors and to implement practices that help you stay grounded no matter what’s happening around you. And astrology is an invaluable ally in this task.

For me… tuning into the cosmic, natural rhythm is what enables me to stay anchored, clear and on path. 

While the world spins around me at its frenetic pace, I’m connecting with the steady and constant movement of the planets and stars, the moon cycle, and the changing of the seasons. 

The cosmic curriculum helps me make decisions and focus my personal growth and continual transformation.

Plus, by aligning with nature’s rhythms, I have more access to my internal compass and intuition, so I can stay on path and live my divine blueprint to the best of my ability. 

And the great news is… We ALL have access to these tools!

And to make this easier than ever – we’ve created a dedicated container for you…

For the first time in 7 years, we’re offering the easiest, most accessible, bite sized AND potent way for you to stay meaningfully in tune with cosmic rhythms and yourself. 

It’s a new level of our Inner Circle Membership called GROW and it’s designed for the astrology enthusiast.

You see the value in astrology and love using it as a tool for personal growth, but may be short on time, or not always able to understand (or not interested in) learning the complex language of astrology!

If you’re excited at the prospect of all of this…
I hope you’ll read on and join us on the inside.

Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh

Does this sound like you?


“I’m longing for more meaning in my life…”

The days, weeks, months and years are flying by and you’re finding yourself wondering… what’s the point of it all? It’s all moving so fast, but they’re feeling empty and you’re losing sight of (or maybe never had a chance to connect to) your higher purpose.


“I’m craving a deeper sense of connection…”

In our increasingly online and digital world, you may be feeling more isolated than ever. You’re craving connection to a like-hearted community and the natural world around you.


“I’m intrigued by astrology and the moon but want simplicity, not jargon…”

Every attempt to delve into astrology feels like navigating a sea of terms that leave your head spinning. You’re particularly drawn to working with the Moon, but technical complexities sap the very inspiration and magic you’re pursuing.


“I just don’t know where to start when it comes to using Astrology.”

Google is a deep sea of information overload, and it’s not always easy to know where to begin. You find resources that are either way over your head and complicated, or so watered down that they’re not helpful. You’d love to have a clear guide for benefiting from astrology without the information overwhelm.


“I’m feeling spread so thin that my self-care and personal growth practices have fallen by the wayside…”

Having a spiritual practice is more important than ever. However, with so many things constantly vying for your attention, it’s easy to get distracted from what really matters and adds value to your lifeDespite this urgent need, you may be busier than ever, which makes it hard for you to carve out time for your sacred practices.


“I’m struggling to integrate astrology into my daily life…”

You’ve come across some interesting astrological ideas… but how do you actually put them into practice into your life to get tangible results? Plus… you don’t have much time to dedicate to complex practices each day! You seek simplicity, structure, and rhythm…

And if you’ve been going at it alone,
you know that doing things solo makes it that much harder.


…Having access to a community of like-hearted individuals on a similar mission as your own

…Finding and creating magic in the everyday

…Aligning and harnessing the cosmic rhythm in a meaningful way, and completely transforming your life in the process

…Traveling your day-to-day with an astrological compass, getting simple daily practices to integrate in your daily life that helps you co-create with the Universe and achieving goals you never thought were possible. 

…Navigating your life with ease and grace because you have a cosmically designed structure that gives you the tools to move through any challenges or roadblocks.

Inner Circle: GROW

For the first time in 7 years, we’ve designed a brand new tier of our membership for the astrology enthusiast who sees value in astrology and loves using it as a tool for personal growth, but who is short on time, or not always able to understand, (or just not interested in), learning the complex language of astrology!

While our Inner Circle: EXPAND membership is ideal for those who love the technical side of astrology, GROW is the perfect place for those seeking a streamlined approach focusing on the power of community, cosmic co-creation, and incorporating powerful, astrology-inspired practices into their daily lives.

This is where Grow comes in.


Trusted by 5,000+ Astrology Lovers

Here’s an invitation to align with the energy of the cosmos. We’re profoundly connected to the movement of the moon, and so by aligning with the moon cycle, we can experience more ease and grace in our lives…

Every Month in Inner Circle: Grow,
You’ll Receive…

🌜Daily Cosmic Pulse Texts:

Each day you’ll get daily cosmic pulse texts sent directly to your phone.

These text updates are your quick, daily weather reports to help you keep the pulse on the universal energies of the day.

No app to go check, no podcast to tune into, just a quick, clear and actionable message from the stars to help you get a sense for the cosmic weather in real time.

🌜 New and Full Moon Snapshots:

A 15-minute recorded video & audio from our Founder, Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh giving you the “Cliffs Notes Style” version of the new and full moon forecast.

These videos will support you in aligning to the energies of each new & full moon so you can harness their powerful energy in your life. 

🌜New Moon Intention Ceremony:

Hosted by Amanda, you’ll set your intentions in alignment with the New Moon for potent co-creation with the universe.

During this live community event, featuring music, meditations, intention setting, and plenty of interaction, you’ll be able to connect with community and align with your soul’s deepest intentions.

🌜Moon Cycle Horoscope
(for each sign!):

You’ll get a 3-to-5 minute horoscope each month for every sign that explains how the new moon for that month will be impacting you personally.

These horoscopes will pinpoint the themes that’ll be most prominent for you and give you extra tools for navigating them!

PLUS — You’ll Get These Exclusive Bonuses:

1. A Private Online Community:

This is the portal where you’ll connect with other members to discuss all things Inner Circle, astrology, and life. Think of the community as your ‘home base’ to connect and share with other star lovers like yourself… people interested in living in alignment with natural rhythm, the cosmos and their calling.

2. Premium Podcast Content:

You’ll get access to exclusive podcast content that is no longer available on our public Podcast, including content from our favorite astrological teachers like Christopher Renstrom, Rick Levine, and other greats you know and love from the Astrology Hub Podcast.

3. Discounts on Astrology Hub Offers:

You’ll get a 10% discount on ALL Astrology Hub courses, as well as on workshops and reports, representing thousands of dollars in total savings

4. What is the Lunar Cycle & How To Work With It For Growth - Mastery Class:

This 45-minute class will explain exactly what the lunar cycle is, and how anyone can start working with it for personal growth. This is the perfect introductory course for those who are new to working with the lunar cycle, as it’ll give you all the information you need to get started. It’ll provide intel on what the lunar cycle is both astronomically and astrologically, the nuances of all the phases of the Moon and how to harness it for growth. It’s the perfect starting point for jumping into our monthly New Moon Ceremonies. This class is taught by Astrologer and Inner Circle Program Director, Laura Orcutt.

Here’s everything at a glance:

💫 New and Full Moon Snapshots: A 15-minute video/audio from Amanda summarizing the new and full moon energies for the month with practical tips on how to best work with it in your life. ($47)

💫 New Moon Intention Setting Ceremony where we gather in community to set powerful intentions together that align with the Lunar Cycle energies. ($27)

💫 Monthly Moon Cycle Horoscopes broken down for each Zodiac sign. ($27)

💫 Daily Cosmic Pulse Texts: You’ll get texts right to your phone on the current energies, and actionable steps to help you work with them. ($97)

Plus these bonuses…

💫 Access to our private community group where you can discuss the cosmic rhythms, share resources and connect with your fellow astrology lovers  ($97)

💫 FREE access to premium podcast content from your favorite teachers ($17)

💫 Exclusive 10% discount on Astrology Hub courses and reports ($10)

💫 Mastery Class on What the Lunar Cycle is & How To Work With It For Personal Growth so you can hit the ground running ($97)


YOUR PRICE: $31/month

2024 Curriculum

Throughout the year we’ll be taking a journey through the Moon Cycles and focusing on the major themes for each Zodiac sign. Each sign carries a unique energy that weaves its way through the month affecting us on a personal and collective level regardless of our natal chart.

Here’s the cosmic framework that will
guide you This year:

About Your Guide


"Master of Ceremony" aka Chief Executive Officer

Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh, M.S., is the CEO and Founder of Astrology Hub. She’s the host of the Astrology Hub Podcast, a top-ranking astrology podcast with over 7 Million downloads to date, featuring conversations with the best astrologers in the world today.

Prior to this, Amanda was a co-owner of a successful technology consulting company in New York City after pursuing a Masters Degree in Psychology and graduating Magna Cum Laude from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She left NYC and her career to embark on a more heart-centered life, in Hawaii, 12 years ago. She then navigated an extremely challenging period of time in her life where Astrology became a lifeline, and she’s been devoted to making astrology accessible to those who can benefit from the wisdom ever since.

In her work, Amanda blends her diverse background in business leadership, psychology, digital marketing, and media with her passion for astrology, spirituality, and personal growth.

Amanda lives on the island of Maui, Hawaii, where she loves swimming in the ocean and dancing hula with her two daughters.


Here’s What Inner Circle Members Have to Say:

Abbie Yandle


This community continues to hold a safe container… to explore Astrology, connect with ways to navigate the ever-changing energies, give and receive support, and use this transformative time to do my work. I am preparing to emerge in Divine timing, changed and ready for whatever is yet to come.

Erin Jones


I’ve said it before, and I’ll no doubt say it again before this year is over… joining this community, ASTROLOGY HUB IC, has been the most stimulating, enriching, educational and heart expanding experience of my life. I’ve experienced all those things in isolation before but never all in one place and frequently all at the same moment! My heart is full to overflowing…(the mind spun out, flipped and surrendered to glorious overload of the best kind a while back). Thank you.

Diana Sofia Gonzalez


Amanda, we’re the definition of “the family you choose” and it’s beautiful and reassuring. Everyone’s journey and experience level is respected whilst everyone is fully supported and encouraged to grow however they need to. I love it here, and my membership/tuition is an act of self care for me.

Kandy Williams


I am so glad I joined the Inner Circle this January and have had this resource to lean on during these crazy times. Astrology helped me with my spiritual awakening and navigating a world in which I have felt very “alien.” Since 2011, astrology has been a fascinating and illuminating companion for me. I really am so grateful for AstrologyHub. It is an amazing resource and lifeline for people who need to feel connected to something bigger and more magical. Thank you to everyone
who keeps it running!

By Joining the Grow Community,
You'll Get Access to:

💫 New and Full Moon Snapshots: A 15-minute video/audio from Amanda summarizing the new and full moon energies for the month with practical tips on how to best work with it in your life. ($47)

💫 New Moon Intention Setting Ceremony where we gather in community to set powerful intentions together that align with the Lunar Cycle energies. ($27)

💫 Monthly Moon Cycle Horoscopes broken down for each Zodiac sign. ($27)

💫 Daily Cosmic Pulse Texts: You’ll get texts right to your phone on the current energies, and actionable steps to help you work with them. ($97)

Plus these bonuses…

💫 Access to our private community group where you can discuss the cosmic rhythms, share resources and connect with your fellow astrology lovers ($97)

💫 FREE access to premium podcast content from your favorite teachers ($17)

💫 Exclusive 10% discount on Astrology Hub courses and reports ($10)

💫 Mastery Class on What the Lunar Cycle is & How To Work With It For Personal Growth so you can hit the ground running ($97)



Or Get 1 month free with the Annual Membership: $341

The Inner Circle Grow Guarantee

We want to do everything in our power to help you find your own journey of transformation inside the Inner Circle. And part of that is making sure that our monthly membership is convenient for you. That’s why we’ve created The Inner Circle Guarantee.


If you feel like the monthly ceremonies and forecasts, community forum, daily texts and bonus material still don’t give you what you need to gain more self-awareness, meaning, and understanding of the cosmic whole…

You can cancel your membership at any time directly from your membership portal.

Because the universe has enough mysteries as it is… We’re making it clear & easy.

So you can do whatever it is that’s best for YOU.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Inner Circle is designed to provide you with support & clarity on your personal path of self-exploration.

This membership will only give you the need-to-know information about the lunar cycle, so you don’t need to interpret for yourself. There will be NO technical discussions, just inspiration and tangible wisdom. Our team works with the best astrologers to make sure you’re only given the best, most helpful and empowering astrological wisdom. 

Learning Astrology should be fun, enlightening, and meaningful. And in the Inner Circle, we’ve helped thousands of people learn how to integrate astrology into their daily lives… so they can deepen their understanding and connection with the universe and themselves.

We’ve done our absolute best to make the Inner Circle affordable while bringing you high-quality Astrology resources. With that said, we understand that cost is a real barrier for people, and we’d never want you to join a program you can’t afford.

You’ll get access to all of the horoscopes, new and full moon snapshots and community inside The Inner Circle for $17/month. That’s a fraction of the cost of buying books, purchasing courses, paying experts, and the million little purchases that go into understanding how to incorporate Astrology into your life.

We’re not the “get you locked into a long-term contract” kind of people. If you decide it’s not for you, you can cancel at any time, and you won’t be charged for additional months. No questions asked

The Inner Circle is a place for people who want to deepen their understanding of Astrology and themselves. While Astrology Hub is a great place to begin your journey and introduction to Astrology topics, the Inner Circle has the tools and support you on a deeper path of self-exploration and discovery.

Every month, the Inner Circle provides you with a here-and-now guided journey through each new moon. You’ll have the daily cosmic pulse texts to support you in between videos and live calls.

You’ll always have access to the free content from Astrology Hub. But if you’re looking for structured community and support as you deepen your awareness, personal reflection, and growth, the Inner Circle is the place to be.

This is totally up to you! Some members spend a lot of time with the resources and in the community, while others just tune into pieces they feel are necessary in the moment.

If you were to watch every video and participate in every ceremony, you’d need to set aside about 2 hours per month. That’s just 30-minutes per week!

Yes! The private community group is the best place to ask questions and get feedback from fellow members and the Astrology Hub team. 

The biggest difference is the technical aspect of learning astrology. 

GROW members will not get the technical New and Full Moon forecasts. Instead you’ll get the summary version from Amanda.

❌ GROW will not be getting access to a new Astrologer Teacher every month. The Astrology Hub team will be the ones distilling the astrological information in bite-sized pieces

❌ This also means that GROW will not be getting the monthly mastery classes and live Q&A sessions

❌  Finally, the GROW & EXPAND members will have different private communities to participate in. 

If you want to learn how to do astrology for yourself, EXPAND is the membership tier for you.

If you just want the bite-sized, need-to-know information so you can apply the wisdom of the stars in your own life, GROW is the tier for you.

No worries! The Inner Circle has helped even the biggest tech newbies deepen their exploration of the universe. Joining our live broadcasts is as simple as clicking on a link or dialing a number on your phone. And if you have a tech-related challenge, you can head over to our community and our support team will assist you.

And we’ve also got some quick start videos that will give you a step-by-step tutorial on using all of the fantastic resources inside the Inner Circle…so you don’t have to worry about those frustrating tech headaches.

Our ceremonies take place on Zoom, so you can join us directly in Zoom, or watch it live streamed in the community platform. 

Here’s how it works:

If you are not satisfied with the monthly ceremonies, horoscopes, new and full moon snapshot videos, community forum, and bonus materials… you can cancel at any time directly in your community portal.*

You won’t be charged for any additional months. No questions asked.

*This is only applicable to the monthly membership option. This does not apply to the annual membership.

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You contain the seeds of all creation, and the stars are beckoning you:

It’s time to GROW.

Or $341 for the whole year!