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Essential Birthday Report

The Essential Birthday Report offers you a roadmap of your year along with a “guidebook” for how this year will impact the larger trajectory of your life path.

You’ll feel grounded and empowered with this “tool” in your pocket.

If you want to feel clear and deliberate as you navigate your year, plan trips and business decisions, and commit where to put your focus this report it just what you’ve been looking for.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll get with your
Essential Birthday Report:

1. The New Adventure, on the Horizon

Every year has its own story to tell, and this part of the report breaks down the possible themes, blessings and challenges that you may face through the months. You’ll learn about possible new personal and career goals the year is supportive of.

2. The Evolutionary Journey of All Aspects of Your Life

As a complex being, each year you change and evolve closer and closer to the best version of yourself. This section of the report illustrates the progression of many of your life spheres. From your mind to heart, to your willpower, this section lets you know just what you need to focus on to maximize on your personal growth.

3. How You Evolve with the World

This section wraps up your year by putting it into context and contrasting it with the development of the world at large. You’ll learn how to ensure your plans are in harmony with what’s going on in the global sphere, and it will even gives you ideas on how to be an active collaborator with the collective.

Know exactly what you're getting

To ensure you get the best out of your report, we created a downloadable sample so you can dive deep into what kinds of secrets we can extract out of a birth chart.

Below you’ll find Bob Dylan’s Essential Birthday Report. Feel free to do your own research to check the report’s accuracy. We’re certain you’ll be surprised with just how accurate it is!

Here's What You'll Receive

Accurate foresight on your career goals for the year ahead so you can plan to maximize your results


A detailed description of your mind, heart and willpower throughout the year so you know where to conserve energy and where to spend it


Actionable steps on how to evolve and get the best your year can offer




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What You're Getting...

A short, personalized, birthday to birthday report with key insights on the most unique & impactful energies at play this year, including:

🌟 1: The New Adventure on Your Horizon

🌟 2: The Evolutionary Journey of All Aspects of Your Life
🌟 3: How You Evolve with the World

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