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Life has never been more full of surprises, challenges, and opportunities. Can you imagine what life would be like if you had insight into what each day will bring? And then read about your best options for handling challenges and optimizing successful strategies?

Your 3-Month Astro-Guide Report pinpoints influences for your personal birth chart over a 3-month period, explains their meaning and through a unique Q&A technique presents you with your best options for working with the influence.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll get with your
3-Month Astro-Guide Report:

A daily personalized astrology based “planner” that tells you what happens before it happens. With this report you’ll be able to: 

🌟 Start each day with clear predictions of trends affecting you personally.

🌟 Discover actionable choices through a pointed Q&A method.

🌟 Know why things happen and implement winning responses.

When you understand each event, major or minor, and its significance for you, life becomes rich in meaning and a treasure trove of opportunity. You’ll be able to use the guidance in this report to stay ahead of the curve and plan strategically to create the life you want .

Know exactly what you're getting

To ensure you get the best out of your report, we created a downloadable sample so you can dive deep into what kinds of secrets we can extract out of a birth chart.

Below you’ll find Bob Dylan’s 3-Month Astro-Guide. Feel free to do your own research to check the report’s accuracy. We’re certain you’ll be surprised with just how accurate it is!

Here's What You'll Receive

Clear and useful predictions for each day so you can always be prepared for what's to come


Ways to live every day consciously with daily prompts to get you to think about what matters most to you


Actionable steps on how to respond to possible life changing events




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What You're Getting...

A daily personalized astrology based “planner” that tells you what happens before it happens.

🌟 1: Guidance for the next 3 months tailored to you using your birth chart

🌟 2: Insights into what is going to happen, when, and how to work with it
🌟 3: Actionable choices for every event coming your way

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Your 3-Month Astro-Guide Report
Your 3-Month Astro-Guide Report× 1
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